Friday, March 20, 2009

List of College Acceptance Dates for the Class of 2013

Amherst: April 1
American: March 12 (email and mail)
Babson College: March 13, 2pm EST (online)
Bard: April 1
Barnard: April 1
Bates:Bentley College: April 1 (mailed, not posted online)Berklee: January 31st (early action)Boston College: by April 15 (Mail)
Boston University: Late March/Early April
Bowdoin College: Mid February (EDII), Early April (RD)
Brandeis University: February 1 (EDII), April 1 (RD)
Brown: March 31, 5 pm (or follow email instructions for specifics to your local time), also mailed by March 31
Bryant University - mid March (RD)
Bryn Mawr: March 26 online
Bucknell: December 15 (ED I), February 15 (ED II), March 20 (RD)
Caltech: March 4th (mail)
Carleton College: February 15 (EDII), April 1 (Regular)
Carnegie Mellon: January 15th (EDII), March 20: Decision Letters Mailed (RD)
Case Western: They are up right now!!! (online)
Chapman: January 15th (EA)- February/March for Film Production, March 15th (RD)University of Chicago: Early April
Colgate: Late March/Early April
The College Of New Jersey: rolling admission notification beginning january 15
Colorado College: Mid-January (EA), Mid-February (EDII), Late March (RD)
Columbia: March 31, 5 pm
Cornell College: March 12th (e-mail)
Cornell University: CALS, ILR and Hotel begin February, March 31 5pm
Claremont McKenna: February 15 (EDII), Online: March 26 5pm PST -April 1 (RD)-mailed
Dartmouth: March 31, 5 pm
Davidson: January 28 (EDII), March 25th @ 9:00 PM (RD)
DePauw University: March 5th (e-mail)
Dickinson: Late MarchDrexel: Rolling admissions, usually a couple weeks after application is complete
Duke: March 26 6:00, online via a new password/username (email send 23rd)
Elon: March 13Emory: April 1
Florida State University: December 3
Fordham: April 1
Franklin & Marshall - April 1st (RD)
Furman: March 13th
Georgetown: by April 1st (Mail)
George Washington: Early February (EDII), Late March/Early April (RD)
Grinnell: February 1 (EDII), April 1 (RD)
Hamilton: March 28, site (RD)
Hampshire: February 15 (EA), April 1 (RD)
Harvard: March 31 after 5 pm, decisions by e-mail
Harvey Mudd: April 1
Haverford: April 1
Lehigh:April 1
James Madison: January 13 (EA Mailed), Early April (RD)
Johns Hopkins: April 1
Kenyon: April 1 (RD)
Macalester: March 30
Miami University(OH) : (RD) March 15
Middlebury: Mid Dec (ED I), Early Feb (EDII), letters mailed March 27; online March 28 (RD)MIT: March 14 @ 1:59pm.. (Pi day)
Mount Holyoke: February 1 (EDII), April 1 (RD)
Muhlenberg: no later than April 1st
Northeastern: April 1
Northwestern: Early April
Notre Dame: First week of April
NYU: Mailed April 1 (at the latest), (possibly find out earlier through an invitation email)Oberlin: Feburary 1 (EDII), April 1 (RD) [Arts and Sciences], End of March [Conservatory]Occidental: March 25
Olin College: Late MarchPomona: February 15 (EDII), April 5 (RD)
Princeton: March 31st
Providence College - RD letter to be received by Apr 1Reed: Feburary 1 (EDII), April 1 (RD) "Decision letters for Freshman applicants will be mailed in late March"RPI: March 14, 7pm online
Rhodes: letters mailed third week of March (RD)Rice: April 1
Rochester: 3 weeks after app is received (EDII), Late February(1st wave)-April 1 (RD)Skidmore: March 27th (RD)
Smith: March 20
Stanford: March 27 (most likely), but April 1 (at the latest, emailed decisions)
SUNY Binghamton: March (RD)
Swarthmore: {ED II: Feb.15} {Reg: April 1}Syracuse: sometime after March 14th (email, then letter)
Trinity (CT): letter arrives by April 1st
Tufts: February 6 (EDII); April 1 (RD)UCB: March 26th, 2009, status site, [evening]
UCLA: Late March- March 18th (most likely)
UCSB: March 16, 3pm
UCSC: March 15-31
UCSD: Mid-March-March 31
University of Denver: Early January (EA), Mid-March (RD)UF: February 13 (5pm)
UGA: April 1
UMichigan: April 15
UNC: March 13 , evening by 5:00pm
UPenn: March 31, 5pm EST
URichmond:April 1 (not available online)
USC: April 1, but most acceptances come between late January-late March
UWisconsin: Rolling decision through March 15 - status site/mailUVA: April 1st. Mailed and available online.
Vanderbilt: March 26: Decision Letters mailed
Vassar: Early April
Villanova: April 1
Virginia Tech: Honors Eligible Admission mailed February 18; Regular Freshman Admission Decisions mailed by April 1
Wake Forest: April 1
Washington and Lee: April 1
Washington University in St. Louis: Online on the 11th of March.
Washington: mailed late March/early April (rolling)
Wellesley: April 1
Wesleyan: April 1
William & Mary: April 1
Williams: March 10 - 31
Yale: March 31st evening (status site)

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