Wednesday, April 6, 2022

Dartmouth Admitted 1767 Students to Class of 2026

 Dartmouth offered admission to 1,767 applicants — 1,207 of whom were admitted during the regular decision process — to the Class of 2026 from a pool of 28,336 applications, according to an announcement from the admissions office on Thursday evening. The acceptance rate of 6.24% is among the lowest in the College’s history. 

According to the College’s announcement, this year’s applicant pool contained 21 fewer students than  last year’s record pool, which marked a 33% increase from previous years. 

63% of admitted students applied for need-based financial aid, with an average projected scholarship of $61,000. Additionally, 19% of the U.S. citizens and permanent residents admitted qualify for Pell Grants — a federal program for students whose families demonstrate exceptional need. Both statistics represent record highs for the College.

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