Friday, November 15, 2019

Penn Received 6088 Early Applications for Class of 2024

Penn received 6,088 early decision applications for the Class of 2024 — a more than 14% decline from last year's number of applications.

The sharp decrease comes after Penn's ED applicant pool of 7,109 hit a slight plateau for the Class of 2023 after it had been steadily growing since 2011. In 2017 — the year prior — Penn saw a record-breaking 15% increase in applications to the University.

This year, Penn Admissions extended the Nov. 1 deadline for applicants in areas affected by crises and made slight changes to the application's essay portion.

The statistics for this year are still subject to change, however, once data is finalized and released from QuestBridge, an organization that connects low-income students with top colleges.

"Conversations that I've had with colleagues is that, in general, we're seeing early decision and some early action pools down, in terms of applications," Dean of Admissions Eric Furda said.

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