Tuesday, January 17, 2017

NYU Received 67,232 Applications for Class of 2021

NYU today announced that a record-breaking 67,232 students applied for first-year admission to its Class of 2021, a six percent increase from last year marking the 10th year in a row of record application volume.  NYU received more applications than any other independent research university in America using the Common Application.
More students than ever before – over 9,000 - designated NYU as their first choice by filing an Early Decision application. All but a handful of countries in the world are represented in NYU’s applicant pool. A record-tying 27% of NYU’s applicants are from international students.
NYU now receives nearly 32,000 more applications than it did a decade ago.
The popularity of NYU's campuses in Abu Dhabi and Shanghai continues to grow, with a four percent increase in students requesting to be considered for admission to NYU Abu Dhabi and a two percent increase in students requesting to be considered for admission to NYU Shanghai.
“It’s an astonishing number of students to apply to any university; at NYU, our sense is that the combination of a world-class education in a world-class city fuels a draw to NYU like no other,” said Shawn Abbott, Dean of Admissions. “It’s a testament to the vision of our founders that the new sort of university they sought to create in 1831 – in and of the city, more accessible, focused using learning to engage the world – is still so appealing.   Clearly today’s students understand more than ever how NYU’s combination of a demanding education in a diverse, urban setting with unrivaled global opportunities will enable them to succeed in the 21st century and be involved in shaping the world in a successful, positive way.”


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