Thursday, December 11, 2014

Duke Accepted 815 ED Students for Class of 2019

Although it received fewer early-decision applications than last year, Duke University accepted more early decision high school seniors this year, something the university says reflects the quality of applicants this year.
"My staff and I were struck this year by the strength of the applicant pool," says university Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Christoph Guttentag. "They make a great foundation for the Class of 2019."
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This year, 3,180 students applied under Duke's Early Decision program, a 2 percent decrease from last year's record total, but still the second-largest number ever registered. On Thursday evening, 815 high school seniors will find out they are the first members of Duke University's Class of 2019, up from 797 students who were accepted through the early decision program last year.
Those who apply via early decision have already selected Duke as their first-choice college, and commit to enroll at the university if they receive an admission offer.
Students admitted through Early Decision this year will represent 48 percent of next fall's incoming class, which is expected to total 1,705 students. Of the 815 students offered admission, 652 will enroll in the Trinity College of Arts & Sciences and the remaining 163 will enroll in the Pratt School of Engineering, according to Duke.
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Guttentag added that the "students had outstanding academic credentials, but more importantly they demonstrated exceptional personal qualities. They've been deeply engaged in their schools and communities, and will bring to Duke a breadth of experiences and interests that will set the standard for the students applying under our regular decision plan."

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