Sunday, May 11, 2014

Princeton's Preliminary Yield for Class of 2018 is 67.4%

The yield for students admitted to the Class of 2018 decreased by 1.3 percent to 67.4 percent, compared to the yield for the Class of 2017, the University announced Thursday.

The yield for the Class of 2017 was 68.7 percent.

1,306 students have matriculated as of Thursday, a number just shy of the 1,308 students the University had targeted to attract.

This is the third year since the University reinstated its early admission policy. The yield for the Class of 2016 was 66.7 percent. That year, the University faced an over-enrollment of over 50 students, which forced it to make available extra dormitory spaces to handle the larger class.

The yield for the Class of 2015, the last class to only have a regular admission round, was 57.2 percent.

This year, the University cut short its Princeton Preview program for admitted students in light of the meningitis outbreak and the death due to meningitis of a student at Drexel University after having close contact with University students. The Preview program was shortened from a weekend to one day and did not include overnight stays.

The University has also announced that the Class of 2018 will receive the meningitis vaccine upon its arrival on campus in September.

The deadline for enrollment was May 1.

Dartmouth College’s yield increased from 48.5 to 54.5 percent with a total of 1,210 enrollments. The University of Pennsylvania had its highest yield rate since 2011 with 66 percent of accepted students enrolled, or 2,338 students.

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