Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Princeton received 26,607 applications for Class of 2018

The University received a total of 26,607 applications for the Class of 2018, the highest number since the reinstatement of the single-choice early action program with the Class of 2016. Prior to the decision, the number of applications had risen for seven consecutive years until reaching an all-time record of 27,189 for the Class of 2015.

The total number for the Class of 2018 includes 3,854 applications from the early round, marking a 0.4 percent increase from last year. The applicant pool is the third highest in the University’s history, the University said in a press release.

The Classes of 2016 and 2017 represent the second and fourth largest application pools in University history, respectively. The Class of 2016, the first to apply under the single-choice early action program, saw a 1.7 percent decrease in applications compared to the record number the previous year.

The current admissions cycle involves a 94.3 percent increase in applicants from ten years ago, the University said. In the past, Dean of Admission Janet Rapelye has attributed the growth in the applicant pool to the University’s outreach to high school students, switch to the Common Application and use of Score Choice, which allows students to send only their best standardized test results.

Rapelye could not be reached for comment Saturday.

Among early applicants to the Class of 2018, the University accepted 714 students at a rate of 18.5 percent. Only 1.3 percent were rejected this year, compared to 7.9 percent for the Class of 2017 and around 23 percent for the Class of 2016, according to figures maintained by The Daily Princetonian.


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