Sunday, September 22, 2013

HYPSM's Yield To Admit Ratio for Class of 2017

1. Harvard

Number of Early Applications: 4856
Early Admits: 895
Early Admit Rate: 18.4%
Total Number of Applications: 35022
Waitlist Admits: 0
Total Admits: 2047
Admit Rate: 5.8%
Class Size: 1659
Yield Rate: 81.0%
Yield to Admit Ratio: 14.0

2. Stanford

Number of Early Applications: 6103
Early Admits: 725
Early Admit Rate: 11.9%
Total Number of Applications: 38828
Waitlist Admits: 0
Total Admits: 2209
Admit Rate: 5.7%
Class Size: 1690
Yield Rate: 76.5%
Yield to Admit Ratio: 13.4

3. Yale

Number of Early Applications: 4520
Early Admits: 649
Early Admit Rate: 14.4%
Total Number of Applications: 29610
Waitlist Admits: 40
Total Admits: 2031
Admit Rate: 6.9%
Class Size: 1359
Yield Rate: 66.9%
Yield to Admit Ratio: 9.7

4. Princeton

Number of Early Applications: 3810
Early Admits: 697
Early Admit Rate: 18.3%
Total Number of Applications: 26498
Waitlist Admits: 32
Total Admits: 1963
Admit Rate: 7.4%
Class Size: 1285
Yield Rate: 65.5%
Yield to Admit Ratio: 8.9

5. MIT

Number of Early Applications: 6541
Early Admits: 650
Early Admit Rate: 9.9%
Total Number of Applications: 18989
Waitlist Admits: 0
Total Admits: 1548
Admit Rate: 8.2%
Class Size: 1115
Yield Rate: 72.0%
Yield to Admit Ratio: 8.8

Date updated on March 5, 2015.


NYCFan said...

Harvard had 1,663 matriculants, not 1600 as you report. that haven't had that few matriculants in 20 years. You should correct your stats in consequence.

NYCFan said...

Harvard's yield rate was 82%, which means your "yield to Admit Ratio" was 14.2%

Mathacle said...

It indicated the class has 1600.

This report shows everything else pretty accurate.

Show me the number and I will change it.

NYCFan said...

I know it because I've been at an admissions conference where we had the final numbers. But see THIS, which is closer to the truth from the same source you relied on, which in the article you site did not pretend to give real numbers:

NYCFan said...

In checking, I find that Hrvard's freshman class has not been as small as1600 in at least 29 years!!

Mathacle said...

Though I believe what you said, at the same time I have to discredit the report from, let's wait for the CDS to come out.

NYCFan said...

You have TWO contradictory Gazette stories. Why not "discredit" the one that is absolutely absurd and not written by an admissions person?

Mathacle said...

Should I trust more? It is not that I don't like the good number for Harvard.

If I were biased like you, Harvard's news would not have been on this site, not to mention to still put H first on this ranking.

NYCFan said...

Don't be silly. I only object when you make all your fancy calculations based on preliminary, erroneous numbers, no matter what the school. And then, when accurate information emerges, you never delete or change the incorrect calculations you made earlier.

Mathacle said...

I don't know how you learned to argue at H:

I don't know which of the two reports is more reliable, maybe it is obvious to you, and I want to wait for the CDS to come out. It seems that I have to distrust anything that comes from site.

The comments on this page should be ample enough to say about the H's yield - just wait for the official data to come out.

NYCFan said...

LOL! The 12-13 CDS form for Harvard isn't available yet, let alone the 13-14 form!

NYCFan said...

Thank you.