Friday, March 29, 2013

Penn Accepted 3,785 Students for the Class of 2017

This year, 12.1 percent of total applicants were admitted to the Class of 2017, a slight decrease from last year’s 12.3 percent and marks a record low for Penn, according to the Office of Admissions.
The admit rate for regular decision applicants was 9.4 percent. In addition, the total applicant pool size was 31,280, up from 31,218 last year.
According to Dean of Admissions Eric Furda, the most significant change in the applicant pool compared to last year’s was the average SAT score of the 3,785 admitted students, increasing 12 points from 2186 to 2198.
“I think this year, even though the applicant pool stayed … basically flat with a small increase, at least [in terms of] testing, the applicant pool grew at the highest SAT scores,” Furda said, noting that the pool was “deeper at the top.”
Beyond that, Furda also mentioned that another big change has been the increasing size of the School of Engineering applicant pool, which has doubled over the past few admissions cycles.
Furda credits this to the increased interest of students and their families in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields. “[They’re] applying to programs where they see jobs, to be blunt,” he said.
In terms of the geographic breakdown of the admitted students, Furda said, “We didn’t have as much of an increase as we’ve been seeing in the South over the last few years.” The Office of Admissions has concentrated its recruitment efforts in the area over the past year.

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