Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Chicago Accepted 2676 Students for the Class of 2017

Admissions decisions came out today for the 30,396 applicants to the University of Chicago, and the Office of Admissions confirmed what we reported earlier this week: that the acceptance rate has dipped into the single digits, with an overall rate of 8.8 percent this year.

The College accepted 2,676 students to the Class of 2017, meaning that administrators expect a yield rate of about 50 percent. The entering class will likely be significantly smaller than the overenrolled Class of 2016, which consists of about 1,525 undergrads. Administrators have suggested that the ideal class size is 1,400 students, and the fact that Pierce Residence Hall will be demolished this summer means that the Class of 2017 will likely be one of the smallest in recent years.

In our earlier article which originally broke the story, we determined that an overall acceptance rate under 9 percent indicates that the regular decision rate was about 7 percent this year. The early action acceptance rate was 13.38 percent.

We contacted a senior official in the Admissions Office earlier this week, and he told us he couldn't comment until today. We're still waiting on their response—check back for more detailed numbers over the next few days.

UPDATE: UChicago will not be releasing waitlist numbers this year, according to a University spokesperson. To get a vague sense of what the waitlist might look like, Princeton, Stanford, and Yale had around 1,000 students on their waitlists in 2012. The number of waitlisted students accepted to the Class of 2017 will depend on how far apart the predicted yield rate is from the actual yield rate. The predicted yield rate is 52 percent this year, compared to an actual yield rate of 47 percent last year.

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