Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Math Prize 2012 Award Winners

1. Victoria Xia (11th grade, TJHSST, VA), $25,000 (Score 15)
2. Danielle Wang (10th grade, Andrew Hill HS, CA), $7500 (Score 14)
3. Julia Huang (11th grade, Lynbrook HS, CA), $7500 (Score 14)
4. Celine Liang (9th grade, Saratoga HS, CA), $1500 (Score 13)
5. Rachel Zhang (9th grade, Parkway South HS, MO), $1500 (Score 13)
6. Christina Chen (12th grade, Newton North HS, MA), $1000 (Score 12)
7. Preksha Naik (12th grade, Corvallis HS, OR), $1000 (Score 12)
8. Phoebe Cai (11th grade, Radnor HS, PA), $600 (Score 11)
9. Jacqueline (Jackie) Bredenberg (10th grade, Detroit Country Day School, MI), $600 (Score 11)
10. Leigh Marie Braswell (11th grade, Phillips Exeter Academy, NH), $600 (Score 11)
11. Catherine H. Wu (11th grade, Canyon Crest Academy, CA), $600 (Score 11)
12. Qingyang (Annie) Hu (11th grade, Lexington HS, SC), $600 (Score 11)

13. Xin (Shirley) Chen (12th grade, Cranbrook Kingswood Upper School, MI)
13. Courtney Guo (11th grade, International School of Beijing, China)
13. Sarah Herrmann (12th grade, La Jolla HS, CA)
13. Elaine Hou (11th grade, King HS, FL)
13. Justine Jang (12th grade, Livingston HS, NJ)
13. Chung Eun (Christina) Lee (11th grade, Phillips Exeter Academy, NH)
13. Nitya Mani (10th grade, Harker, CA)
13. Ivy Ren (11th grade, TJHSST, VA)
13. Gabriella (Gabby) Studt (11th grade, Blair HS, MD)
13. Sarah Wu (9th grade, Chapel Hill HS, NC)

23. Rebecca Burks (12th grade, Danaidae Learning Studio, CA)
23. Amy Chou (9th grade, Phillips Academy (Andover), MA)
23. Angela Deng (8th grade, Carnage MS, NC)
23. Saroja Erabelli (10th grade, TJHSST, VA)
23. Margalit Glasgow (11th grade, Newton South HS, MA)
23. Na He Jeon (11th grade, Langley HS, VA)
23. Jung Yoon (Sara) Kim (10th grade, TJHSST, VA)
23. Cindy Liu (10th grade, Harker, CA)
23. Chen (Leo) Lou (12th grade, Hotchkiss, CT)
23. Suzy Lou (10th grade, Harker, CA)
23. Amelia Paine (11th grade, Winchester HS, MA)
23. Vickie Wang (11th grade, New Albany HS, OH)
23. Elaine Fang (11th grade, South Eugene HS, OR)
23. Lydia Goldberg (11th grade, Stuyvesant HS, NY)
23. Cynthia Guo (10th grade, High Technology HS, NJ)
23. Meghal Gupta (9th grade, Monta Vista HS, CA)
23. Meena Jagadeesan (9th grade, Phillips Exeter Academy, NH)
23. Elaine Lin (10th grade, Seminole HS, FL)
23. Justina Yang (10th grade, Yang Academy, MD)

42. Monica Agrawal (12th grade, Chamblee HS, GA)
42. Jiapei Chen (12th grade, Phillips Exeter Academy, NH)
42. Qu (Dorothy) Chen (10th grade, Stuyvesant HS, NY)
42. Amanda Chow (12th grade, Saratoga HS, CA)
42. Claudia Feng (11th grade, Phillips Exeter Academy, NH)
42. Ying Gao (11th grade, Newton North HS, MA)
42. Angela Gu (10th grade, Phillips Academy (Andover), MA)
42. Emily Jia (9th grade, William Fremd HS, IL)
42. Heeyoon Kim (12th grade, Rockdale Magnet School, GA)
42. Christine Li (12th grade, Gunn HS, CA)
42. Priscilla Liow (9th grade, Homeschool, MO)
42. Michelle Noh (11th grade, Blair HS, MD)
42. Claire Tang (9th grade, Parkland HS, PA)
42. Dianyu (Diana) Wang (11th grade, Phillips Exeter Academy, NH)
42. Elizabeth (Lizzy) Wei (10th grade, Phillips Exeter Academy, NH)
42. Catherine Wu (12th grade, JP Stevens HS, NJ)
42. Rosaleen (Rosie) Xiong (9th grade, State College Area HS, PA)
42. Yuwei (Emma) Xu (11th grade, Hotchkiss, CT)
42. Tania Yu (12th grade, Randolph HS, NJ)
42. Kristine Zhang (9th grade, Saratoga HS, CA)
42. Valerie Zhang (8th grade, Meads Mill MS, MI)
42. Jingyi Zhao (11th grade, Culver Academies, IN)


NYCFan said...

A good day for Exeter!

Mathacle said...

A good day for Chinese too, 44/63 of them. A kid I helped got in too.