Thursday, March 29, 2012

Yale offers admission to 1,975 applicants for class of 2016

Yale accepted 1,975 applicants to the class of 2016, bringing the admissions rate down to 6.8 percent, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions Jeffrey Brenzel told the News Thursday afternoon.

The University offered 1,001 applicants a spot on the waitlist, Brenzel said, up slightly from the 996 students offered a spot on the waitlist for the class of 2016. Last year's admission rate was 7.35 percent — 2,006 of 27,283 applicants — before any waitlisted students were admitted. A total of 2,109 students eventually received offers of admission, yielding a class of 1,351, plus 36 students who deferred for a year.

Between early and regular admissions, the College received a record 28,975 applications this year, up 5.8 percent from 2011. The University offered 1,001 applicants to the class of 2016 a place on the waitlist.

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