Sunday, July 10, 2011

Yield to Admit Ratio for Class of 2015


NYCFan said...

The final Stanford yield, and final Harvard yield, were lower than you report. The Stanford yield was 70%, and the Harvard yield was 76%

NYCFan said...

No, Stanford had 2,440 admits, and 1,709 MATRICULANTS.

Harvard, I believe, had 2,188 admits and 1,661 matriculants.

Mathacle said...

What do you think about next year? Harvard's yield will be close to 80% again?

Princeton's yield should improve the most.

P.S., Sorry I deleted my comments as I realized I mistook the admits and matriculants.

NYCFan said...

What yield rates will look like next year for Harvard and Princeton (and Yale and Stanford) will depend, primarily on what fraction of the class each school decides to fill from the high-yield early pool and those admitted later who were deferred early pool applicants.

Assuming Harvard mirrors it approach for the Class of 2011, I'd exect a yield rate of between 78.5% and 79%.

I agree that Princeton's yield rate should rise the most - from this year's 56.5% (2300 admits/1300 matriculants) - because it will see substantial drops in its overlap pools with Harvard and Yale respectively. Princeton won less than 20% of the 400 or so cross admits with Harvard last year (Class of 2014).

Stanford's yield rate will also increase, but by a smaller number than Princeton or Yale, I'd expect, because it has a smaller cross-admit pool with Harvard than it used to, for whatever reason.

Mathacle said...

Where did you get the info about HP cross-admits?

Over here in New Jersey,some of the Harvard/Princeton cross-admits chose Princeton last year, which was really a stupid thing to do. I guess we are closer to P.

What about the number of applications to Harvard's EA next year? Do you think the number will be close to 10,000? MIT is trying to get more and more kids in the EA, and eventually MIT could be all EA.