Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Stanford Will Accept 2427 Students for Class of 2015 on March 29, 2011

Admission decisions will, in fact, be released sometime after 3pm (Pacific Time) today, March 29, several days ahead of schedule.

The Office of Undergraduate Admission has completed its evaluation and selection process earlier than expected and to alleviate anxiety among our applicants and their families, we will release all admission decisions sometime today after 3pm. All decisions will be sent via email from Richard Shaw, Dean of Admission and Financial Aid, and will not be available on any Stanford website. Students who are admitted will also be mailed a formal offer letter of admission today as well. To avoid sending disappointing news twice, we will not mail paper copies of decisions to students who are not offered admission. Please do not call the Office for admission decisions as we will not release them by phone.

Of the 34,350 applications received, a total of 2427 students (7.1%) will be admitted. An additional 1078 students will be offered a space on our waitlist. Regrettably, we cannot consider any letters or calls of appeal whatsoever. All admission decisions are final and we never alter any admission decision once it has been rendered.

As I mentioned in my March 24th update, we were humbled by this year's admission process and we have great respect for those students who have applied for admission. We wish all of our candidates the best and know that they will all have a wonderful collegiate experience.
Please be aware that the Office of Undergraduate Admission will close today at 3pm to complete the mailing process. We will re-open Wednesday at 8:30am.

Take care,
Bob Patterson

Director of Admission


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