Tuesday, March 15, 2011

MIT Admitted 1715 Students for Class of 2015

This year, we received 17,909 applications for admission, a record number for us and an 8% increase over last year. We admitted 1715 students for an admit rate of 9.6%, or fewer than one of every ten applicants.
Because of the size and the strength of the applicant pool there were a great many incredible students whom we were simply unable to offer admission to. All applicants should know that the admissions staff gave them full consideration in our process. These decisions are not easy to make. But we also know that those students to whom we could not offer admission will find wonderful homes elsewhere and go on to do terrific things for the world.
We will have more news about the class to come. In the meantime, we have provided three "open threads" below where admitted, waitlisted, and not admitted students can talk amongst themselves. We ask only that the comments be kept friendly and civil in our community.


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