Friday, December 24, 2010

Columbia Accepted 632 of All Early Decision Applications for Class of 2015

Undergraduate Admissions this year accepted a record-low 19.6 percent of all Early Decision applications, down from last year’s admissions rate of 21.2 percent.
The total number of applications received for early consideration increased 7.2 percent from last year. Of the record 3,229 students who applied for early admission to the Columbia Class of 2015, 632 students were accepted. In addition, 696 students will be deferred to the regular admissions process. 1,901 applicants—59 percent of the total applicant pool—were rejected.
Jessica Marinaccio, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions said in a statement:
“The largest number of Early Decision candidates in our history applied to Columbia College and Columbia Engineering this year, resulting in an 8% overall increase in applications. This is the first cohort who applied to Columbia using The Common Application and Columbia Supplement, and we were thrilled to provide even greater access to students from a variety of backgrounds. From towns of 600 people in the Midwest to large cities in the Middle East; from students who are the first in their families to go to college to students who will be the third generation in their families to attend Columbia; from students who grew up blocks from Columbia’s campus to students who have never been to New York City before – students are joining us from every corner of the world.”

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Ryan said...

Mathacle, please note that the percent increase in applications is actually 8.25% (As also verified by NYTimes' The Choice blog), not 7.2%, since the official final tally of applicants was 3,229, not 3,217 as that link states.