Thursday, April 1, 2010

Columbia admits 2,397 of 26,178 applicants for Class of 2014

While Columbia College and the School of Engineering and Applied Science have increased in popularity, they remain as selective as ever, admitting 9.16 percent of overall applicants for the Class of 2014.
The yield rates for both schools have decreased, which makes the new Class of 2014 the most selective yet. The College accepted 8.30 percent of its applicants, down from 8.92 percent last year and 8.71 percent the year before. SEAS accepted 13.36 percent of its applicants, down from 14.42 percent last year and 17.6 percent the year before.
This decrease stems from the increasing popularity of both schools. Columbia College received 21,747 applications total, up from 21,274 last year and 19,117 the year before. This year, 1,805 of these applicants were admitted. SEAS admitted 592 of 4,431 total applicants, which increased from 4,154 last year and 3,465 the year before.
“The Undergraduate Admissions staff and I take great pride in admitting the Class of 2014. Chosen from among 26,178 applicants in the most selective admissions cycle in our history, admitted students hail from 75 countries, all 50 states, Washington D.C., Puerto Rico, and the US Virgin Islands,” Jessica Marinaccio, Dean of Undergraduate Admissions, said in a statement.
Last year, the admitted students were from 78 countries and all 50 states.
“We believe choosing our class is not just about selecting the next class of Columbia first-years; these young men and women are in a larger sense the next generation of leaders, innovators, scientists, engineers and humanists who will make significant contributions to society as Columbians have been making for over 250 years,” she said.

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