Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Yale SCEA 2014 admit rate is 13.9%


The Bullblog has just learned from Yale Admission Director Jeffrey Brenzel that the admission rate for early applications in the Yale Class of 2014 is 13.9%, up slightly from 13.4% last year, in accordance with this year’s small drop in applications. Brenzel says:

Our final official app count for the early process was 5261. The number of admission offers is 730. The number of defers is 2639, and the number of denies is 1866. 26 of the applications were either incomplete or withdrawn.

We did not note any significant changes in the early applicant pool this year, and the rates of acceptance, deferral and denial were fairly similar to last year. Our applicants continue to be an exceptionally talented, highly diverse group of students. As always, we only accepted students that we were certain we would also accept in the spring, meaning that a significant number of the deferred students have equally strong chances of admission as the regular decision applicants.

This admission rate is roughly the same as Stanford’s for this year, 13.5, though both schools’ Early Admissions processes have become more difficult following the decision three years ago by Harvard and Princeton to drop their early admissions programs altogether.

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