Friday, December 4, 2009

University of Chicago Sees Record Amount of Early Applications for Undergraduate Programs for Class of 2014

The University of Chicago recorded a significant increase in early-action applications to the undergraduate College this fall, continuing a multi-year trend of growth.

The University received 5,855 early-action applications to the College, a 32 percent increase from the previous high in 2007. The number of such applications has been rising since the 1990s, indicating growing success in communicating the schools strengths to prospective students and school counselors, said James G. Nondorf, Vice President and Dean of College Admissions and Financial Aid.

Early-action applicants tend to view the University as a first choice, so the increase in early applications suggests a growing pool of students who are passionate about the institution, Nondorf said. Clearly a lot of students around the world feel the University of Chicago would provide a wonderful academic experience.

Preliminary analysis indicates the applicant pool is diverse, with high levels of academic ability. The success in reaching more students is a healthy sign for the University, said John W. Boyer, Dean of the College and the Martin A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor in History.

When more students apply, that means we are explaining the Universitys mission and societal contributions to many more people than before, Boyer said. He said the increase in applications is one more reflection of the appeal this institution holds as one of the worlds great universities.

The number of early-action applications had dipped slightly in 2008, but University officials believe that was an anomaly in the context of the long-term rise in such applications.

In essence, we have resumed the previous growth trend that dates back to the 1990s, said Nondorf.

The growth in student interest likely stems from many factors, officials said, including increased efforts to build a sense of community among College students, the Universitys adoption in 2008 of the Common Application, new methods of student outreach by the Office of Admissions and a general increase in early applications at peer institutions across the nation.

Early-action applicants will receive a response by mid-December; early admissions are not binding for students. Regular applications are due by Jan. 2, with notification by early April. The deadline for all student responses is May 1.&/

Source: Chicago Press Release

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