Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Joke About Stanford, Harvard And Dartmouth

John: "Mary, where do you go to school?

Mary: "Dartmouth College."

John: "It is only a COLLEGE? Well, I guess that's better than mine. Mine is a junior university."

Mary: "Which one?”

John: "Leland Stanford Junior University."

Mary: "Someone on CC said that's a joke."

John: "No, it's a real university."

Mary: "I see. Why do they call it a junior university? Why do people go there when they have choices to go to great universities like Yale?"

John;" Well, it is only junior to Harvard. What other universities?"

Mary: "Do you mean that Harvard is better?”

John: “Without loss of generality, let S=Stanford, and H=Harvard, then, H=(old) Oxbridge, S=(new) Harvard, S is more structurally stable like the tree, while H is more like tree leaves, and we can prove that S >> H.”

Mary: "That sounds so complicated.”

John: “Well, it could be just some undergraduate projects to prove this at Stanford, but it is a Ph.D. thesis topic for Harvard students.”

Mary: “What about Dartmouth?”

John: “Right, let S=Stanford, and D=Dartmouth, then… what was the question again?”

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