Friday, March 28, 2008

Admission notification dates for 2008!

Amherst – Released via Mail March 27th
American: April 1st
Bard: Decisions mailed March 26
Bates: Mailed March 26th
Barnard: April 1st
Boston College: Decisions Mailed March 25
Boston University: April 1st
Bowdoin College: Mailed March 27th, If you don't receive decision by April 2nd, call the Admissions Office
Brandeis University: Decisions Mailed 3/20
Brown: March 31st 5 PM EST online
Bryn Mawr: March 21st online (4 PM EST)
Bucknell: Decisions will be mailed March 28th
Caltech: mailed March 6th
Carleton College: Mailed March 21
Carnegie Mellon: Mailed March 24th (This date MAY NOT BE ACCURATE), Some descisions are Online starting March 28th
Case Western, Online March 28: April 1st
University of Chicago: Released 3/19. Check online at
Claremont McKenna: online here March 26th @ 5PM Pacific Daylight Time (8PM Eastern Daylight Time), mailed by April 1
Colby: mailed March 26th, online March 28th
Colgate: decisions mailed no later than Wednesday, March 26
Colorado College: "Late March"
Columbia: Monday March 31st after 5pm ET
Connecticut College: Mailed March 27th
Cornell: Monday March 31st after 5pm ET
Dartmouth: On 3/31 at 5PM EDT or later ONLINE (here). Dartmouth will email when your decision is available, but not what it is (you have to log in for that).
Davidson: March 27th
Duke: Released March 25th (online or snail mail?)
Elon: March 15th
Emory: April 1st
Florida State University: April 2nd
Franklin & Marshall: [color=greenMailed March 26th[/color]
Furman: March 15th
Georgetown: Decisions sent by mail on March 27th
George Washington: Snail mailed March 26, online at 5PM same day
Grinnell: April 1st
Hamilton: ecisions will be physically mailed Friday March 28th, and they will be released online after 5PM EST on Saturday March 29th. Hamilton should email applicants directions by that time (according to the admissions office)
Hampshire: April 1st
Harvard: Monday March 31st after 5pm ET
Harvey Mudd: April 1st
Haverford: Decision mailed March 24
Holy Cross: Decisions mailed on March 27th.
Johns Hopkins: Decisions will be physically mailed on March 28th, and will be emailed that evening.
Kenyon: decision mailed March 21st
Lafayette: Decisions mailed March 26th.
Lehigh: Sent by postal mail on March 22nd
Macalester: March 30th (Friend already got acceptance on 21st)
Middlebury: March 28th mailed, March 29th online
MIT: March 15th at noon EST
Mount Holyoke:available online on March 21st
Muhlenberg: Mailed ca. March 14 or 15
Northeastern: e-mailed March 19th/20th
Northwestern: Released online March 25th at 8PM online
Notre Dame: Mailed March 27th
NYU: (Some decisions have been recieved- postmark date?)
Oberlin: April 1st
Occidental: March 25th mailed
Olin: Decisions mailed March 21st (UPS overnight for acceptees), available online March 24th at 10pm EST
Pepperdine: April 1st
Pomona: April 5th
Princeton: March 31st at 5PM EDT
Reed: Decisions emailed 3-27, Snailmailed 3/28
Rice: Released March 25th at 5PM Eastern Daylight Time via online site & email
St. Lawrence: Mailed March 21st
Scripps: Mailed March 25th, available over the phone since March 26th
Skidmore: March 27th mailed
Smith: March 21st online at 4-5 PM EST
Stanford: March 28th 3 pm Pacific time (by email)
Swarthmore: Mailed March 27th
Syracuse: March 15th
Trinity (CT): "By April 1st", so decisions will be mailed before that.
Tufts: Online Decisions will be available on March 31st via TAMS
UCB: March 27th online at 4PM
UCI: online March 1st
UCLA: March 20th
UCSB: March 1st - March 31st
UCSC: March 15th - April 30th
UCSD:Mid-late March
UGA: April 1st
UMass: Mid-March through April
UMiami: March 15th- March 22nd
UMichigan: Mid April
Union College (NY): Decisions mailed March 19th for presidential scholars, non-presidential scholar decisions mailed March 24th.
UNC: March 20th
UPenn: March 31st
URichmond: Letters Mailed March 22nd
USC: By April 1st
UWisconsin: Rolling, up to March 15th; after March 15th for deferred students
UVA: March 28th, 6:00 pm EST (email and letter sent out at same time)
Vanderbilt: Mailed March 28th
Vassar: April 1st (may be sent out March 28th- can anyone confirm)
Villanova: Decisions were posted online March 20
Virginia Commonwealth University: April 1st
Wake Forest: April 1st
Washington University in St. Louis: March 13th (late afternoon)
Wellesley: March 26 mailed
Wesleyan: Decisions mailed March 27th
Wheaton MA: Online March 25th
Whitman: April 1st
William & Mary: Letters were mailed March 19th(possibly just in state applicant decisions were sent)
Williams: Decisions began mailing on March 25th, batches of mailing (over several days) may be occurring
Wittenberg: on or before April 1st
Wooster: April 1st
Yale: March 31st

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